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January 28, 2014

Profeet customers take part in the ‘brutal’ Spine Race Ultra

Last month, two Profeet customers took part in the Spine Race.


‘Britain’s most brutal race’


The Spine Race is billed as ‘Britain’s most brutal race’.


It’s certainly the longest, probably the coldest and definitely the most demanding mountain marathon in Britain. Competitors have 7 days to complete the 268 miles of ice, snow and cold.
Spine Race

Profeet customers pushed to their limits


Two Profeet customers took part in the race. There were only 30 finishers of 73 starters. One of those finishers was Gary Dalton who crossed the line in 20th place in a time of 158h 28m.


Allan Rumbles managed to get all the way to the last checkpoint before cellulitis in both feet forced him to pull out after docs had to pull him out after over 149h of running.


You can read his blog post about the event here.  Would he change a thing?  Believe it or not, the answer is no.


As Allan put it:


I had no qualms about this DNF, I knew I could do no more & this race was an absolute beast. Nobody had an easy time – you could see it in their eyes at the end of each day when they just sat down – hammered, battered & weather-worn, each racer knew that they had been in a battle that day and also that a harder day waited for them.

endurance race

Day 1 – Photo from Allan’s blog, courtesy of Neil Brie

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