Why do I need analysis?

To observe and understand how your body functions and identify any issues.


To determine the right amount of support needed from your custom insoles & footwear.

To assist selecting the right footwear for your foot shape, type and movement.


To identify any areas that need customisation.

To learn more about Profeet biomechanical analysis, please select your service below:

Ski analysis

Analysis during your ski boot fitting

We combine both a physical and technological assessment which allows us to determine likely issues in ski boots, create a custom insole and offer the best possible advice for choosing which model.

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Sports analysis

Analysis during your sports appointment

Our sports assessment for running and footwear includes a through biomechanical assessment conducted by our team of sports scientists, sports rehab specialists’ sports therapists and biomechanists.

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Our high-tech marker-less 3D running analysis allows us to precisely analyse and optimise running technique & gait, footwear & insoles – all during a single appointment.


Where before, you needed to be an elite athlete and visit a fully equipped biomechanics lab and spend a day to get the same results. With our Profeet 3D Motion Lab you get an accurate and very beneficial result in just one hour.

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