Guide to a Profeet Ski Boot Fitting -

What happens in a Profeet Ski Boot Fitting? 
This short video explains the process from start to finish:

Janine, manager in the Profeet Ski Lab, explains the process of a ski boot fit:

People come to Profeet for all sorts of reasons.  It might be word of mouth, they might have heard of our reputation and our high level of service and knowledge.

We see people from complete beginners for a more comfort-oriented fit up to British team and Olympic level looking for the highest performance. We see people with fit-specific issues, who have bone spurs or loose heels, that have never been comfortable in their boots.

The first thing we look at is the skier’s ability, their performance level, how regularly they ski.  Then we’ll do a thorough foot examination, looking at the alignment of the foot, how mobile and flexible it is to determine the best shape ski boot for them.

Then we’ll take a more detailed look, using the pressure scans.  We’ll look at weight distribution, areas of high pressure, alignment problems and how we can resolve them.

Using our knowledge we’ll pick two or three models that best fit their foot shape, then we’ll pull out the liner and do what’s known as a shell check where we get the customer’s foot in the shell – we’ll look at the space behind the heel, and look for any contact points around the foot.

So once we’ve selected the boot we’re going to work with, we’ll take care of any stretches straightaway, so we’ll heat up the plastic and expand the area using some of our specialist tools.

Then we need to create the foundation to the boot, so we’ll build a custom insole, taking a mould of their foot in a neutral position, preventing any excessive pronation or supernation. This fills all the voids around the foot so you get extra control and it evens out the pressure under the foot.

Then we’ll heat mould their liners to break that in for them.  They’ll have the option to upgrade to a custom fit liner if they want, at this point.

At the end of the process, we’ll check their cuff alignment to make sure they’re fully aligned in the boot, and get them on the Skier’s Edge machine and make sure everything looks good before they go.

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