At Profeet, we are often asked how we make our custom ski insoles for ski boots.


How do footbeds help?

Custom insoles give support to your feet and improve the fit of your boot. Every footbed we make is moulded and designed to fit each individual foot like a glove (or should that be ‘like a sock’?).

Custom footbeds give you a solid foundation, help to increase energy transmission and give you better balance – all essential aspects for skiing.

So how do we do it?

The first step is to make an impression of your foot using our hi-tech HD vacuum moulding technology.

Once we have the mould of your foot, we place and heat a custom insole within it. You stand on the new insole for a few minutes while it creates a perfect imprint of your foot.

The last step is when the insole is finished by hand with layers of foam (to add stability). It is then ground to custom fit your ski boot.

The working parts of a custom footbed


  1. Full Chassis – supports your foot’s arch, providing a rock solid foundation for your foot.
  2. Full Stabiliser – reinforces the chassis, extending support to your heal and medial lateral arch area.
  3. Secondary Stabiliser – additional reinforcement for the exceptional loads experienced while skiing.


How to arrange your own custom ski boot insole

Profeet create insoles and fit ski boots by appointment only. Please contact us on 020 7736 0046 or complete our enquiry form on our website.


Profeet’s services are by appointment only, please call or book online in advance

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