How will custom footbeds benefit my skiing? -

Everybody can benefit from a custom footbed in your ski boots if you want to improve comfort and performance in your boots.

Ski more efficiently
Whether you are a complete beginner or an aggressive expert skier, having footbeds in your boots allows you to ski more efficiently.

All ski boots are typically sold with a flat insole as it’s hard to build any support into it as everybody’s foot shape is so different.  It is therefore up to you to replace the stock insole with a footbed that matches the shape of your foot to gain optimum comfort and control.

Footbeds stabilise and support the foot
Footbeds are used to stabilise and support the foot in a neutral position, not allowing any excessive pronation or supination which is where we see pressure points and problems develop.

By taking a mould of the foot in a neutral position we fill the arch and therefore evenly distribute weight across the whole foot.

Alleviate pressure on the heel and ball of the foot
Typically the foot carries a lot of weight through the heel and under the metatarsal heads (ball of the foot) so these can be hotspots for a lot of people when skiing. By distributing this pressure we alleviate those areas and can modify the footbed further if necessary.

If you’ve ever suffered from that burning sensation under the ball of your foot, then you’ll certainly appreciate the benefits of a footbed!

When we fill the arch and cup the heel we are filling all voids around the foot so when a movement is made to initiate a turn, it is instantly transferred to the ski, therefore increasing control and performance.  Also when we stabilise the ankle, your overall alignment through the knees and hips will improve.

How long do footbeds last?
Footbeds will last a number of years as long as your foot doesn’t significantly change.  If you are upgrading boots they can be transferred from boot to boot as long as it is the same size, we can always trim them smaller but can’t really lengthen.

It’s a good idea to get them checked every 3-4 years to see that they are still supporting your foot as they should.

Specialists in ski boot fitting
Profeet are specialists in ski boot fitting and creating custom ski boots.  This video explains what happens during a ski boot fit with one of our trained technicians at Profeet:

This article originally appeared in Fall Line Magazine, in the ‘Boot Doctor’ column, written by Profeet Ski Manager, Janine Winter.



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