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January 9, 2018

Custom Ski Boot Liners: The Classic Race Foam Liner

This is the first in a series of posts we are doing on different types of ski boot liners. First up the Classic Race Foam Liner.


The Classic Race foam liner is designed for the narrower fitting, low volume ski boot. It has been designed to offer the ultimate performance fit with ultimate precision. A key benefit of the foam liner is aiding the level of skiing! The snugger fit allows better transmission of power from boot to ski. Another benefit from a fitting perspective is that a foam race liner can actually help with a multitude of issues such as: narrow ankles, skinny calf’s and large foot size discrepancies.


The classic Race liner also comes with an injectable foam moulded tongue. Not only does this complete the 360-degree custom fit, it helps to keep the lower leg and specifically the heel of the foot locked in the back of the boot to help use the boot to its best ability.

Classic Race Foam Liner
Classic Race Foam Liner

The life of a foam liner is far longer than the standard which comes with the ski boots. Why? The density of foam is increased because of the exact moulding provided by this type of liner. In a standard liner the foam is made to adapt to all types of ankle/calf shapes once heated.


Dependant on the skier, they last between 120-150 full days of skiing which is at least double that of a normal liner


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