Conti Thunder Run

Conti Thunder run


Event: Conti Thunder Run


One of the UK’s biggest 24 hour races, with categories for solos, pairs, teams of 3-5 and 6-8. Camping is included. This sells out quickly so don’t take too long to decide!


Date:  21-22 July 2018

Location:  Catton Park, Derbys

Competitors:  341 teams + 116 solos (2015)

Team sizes:  2-8

Solos:  Yes

Lap Size:  10km

Terrain:  Off Road





Race Reports & Tweets:

Steve Skinner (2015): ‘I really enjoyed the challenge and being part of a team for a change was great fun and added extra motivation and responsibility. Overall a great weekend.’


These Girls do (2015): ‘You’ll find TR24 physically challenging and mentally tough but an experience not to be missed.’


Girl Running Crazy (2015): ‘It was around 1.30am on Sunday morning when I was running through the woods with only my head torch to light the way, jumping over tree routes and skidding in the mud, that I wasn’t sure if I understood myself anymore.’


Angela Isherwood (2015): ‘The course is fully marshalled, and the loops ensure that you’re never more than a minute or two away from another runner.’


Pedro (2015 winner): ‘It’s an immense challenge, but so very rewarding once completed.’


Jen Slater (2015): ‘I felt honoured to have spent a brilliant weekend with such a great bunch of runners, soaking up their stories, advice and encouragement.’


Gary Dalton (2015): ‘For once, the hyperbole was true.’


Phil Goodwin (2015): ‘Fantastic weekend had by all.’


Antonia Johnson (2015): ‘The support for me around the campsite is really uplifting.’


Neil Wilkinson (2015): ‘What a weekend… I think about it now with sore legs, a happy heart and a insatiable appetite.’












Phil Goodwin’s Thunder Run video:





Paul Rushworth from 2013:



Keith James from 2013:



Simon Gregg in 2013:



Chris Wilson from 2011:





Watch Sweatshop Nottingham’s video of the event

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