Cotswold 24 Hour Race


Cotswold 24 hour



Event: Cotswold 24 Hour Race


A friendly, off-road 24 hour race for teams and solos held on a 9 km lap around the forest trails and paths of the Bathurst Estate in Gloucestershire.


Date:  4-5 August 2018

Location:  Bathurst Estate, Cirencester

Competitors:  62 teams, 57 solos (2015)

Teams:  From pairs to teams of 8

Solos:  Yes

Lap Size:  9 km

Terrain:  Mixed Trail






Race Reports & Tweets:


Josh Steqhens: ‘Very well run. Great marshalls, nice course and good facilities. Customer service excellent. All the competitors were friendly and helped to spur me on.’


Claire Johnson: ‘Super route, well organised, good food, lovely people, great atmosphere and entertainment….Thank you to everyone involved especially the night Marshals!’


Richard Bazelely: ‘Top event, well organised, great on site facilities and entertainment and a great atmosphere. I highly recommend.’


June Lawrence: ‘It was an exhilarating experience- I shall never forget it.’


Joe Spraggins: ‘It had been tough, a good experience, but something we probably wouldn’t be rushing back to do again.’


Official video:



Competitor video:



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