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October 15, 2019

The sub 2-hour marathon time has been achieved!

Elius kipchoge

He did it! 1:59:40 was the outrageous time Kipchoge clocked on Saturday morning in Vienna. With his band of pacers Eliud began the challenge at 7:15am Saturday morning surrounded by crowds of an estimated 120,000 fans lining the 4.4km route.


His average speed over the race clocked 21.1kph and his split times are extremely impressive. Here are the times he clocked:

  • 5km: 14:10
  • 10km: 28:20
  • 15km: 42:34
  • 20km: 56:47
  • 25km: 1:10:59
  • 30km: 1:25:11
  • 35km: 1:39:23
  • 40km: 1:53:36
  • Finish: 1:59:40
Eliud Kipchoge wife Grace Sugutt


As he crossed the line he was greeted by his wife and children who came to watch him run for the first time ever! His first words after crossing the line were:


“I want to prove that no human is limited, I am the happiest man to run a marathon under two hours”

Elius kipchoge

The sub 2-hour time however will not be set as a world record under the eyes of the IAAF for a few reasons. Firstly, Eliud ran against no one-the field was not competitive. He also most obviously ran the distance with pacers that rotated in and out (would never happen in a competitive race). His footwear is also a prototype with some new carbon tech used inside it alongside air pods under the forefoot. Lastly, he was handed his fuel on bike. As well as these conditions, they orchestration of the whole event based on location and time.


In our eyes the feat is still incredible as no matter the conditions, Eluid Kipchoge still had to run those times and those splits to nail the sub 2-hour marathon. Nevertheless, it will go down as a day in history.


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