London to Cardiff 24


Event: London to Cardiff


The London to Cardiff 24 is a team relay challenge and is the UK’s longest point to point relay challenge held over 24 stages, each 3-13 miles in length.


Date:  1-2 June 2018

Location:  Twickenham (start), Cardiff (finish)

Competitors:  26 teams (2015)

Team sizes:  8-12

Solos:  No

Lap Size:  n/a

Terrain:  Mixed (includes trail, tarmac and fields)





Race Reports & Tweets:


Newlands Girls School (2014): “We decided to tackle this challenge as a team for Bpositive because it was really going to test our endurance.”


Run247 (2010): “This race wasn’t just about running fast. The winner would be decided not on pure speed but a mix of speed, navigation and logistic.”


Team Run DMC (2015): “It was an honour and a privilege.”


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