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This is a unique 24 hour race in that rather than taking competitors repeatedly around a loop, they have to use navigation skills to visit as many checkpoints and score as many points as possible during the race. This ‘rogaining’ format, in a stunning setting, is a real test for any athlete.


Date:  04 August 2018

Location: Bowhill Estate near Selkirk, Scotland

Competitors:  12 teams, 18 solos (2015)

Teams:  Pairs or tag teams of two pairs

Solos:  Yes

Lap Size:  n/a

Terrain:  Trail






Race Reports & Tweets:


Ian Corless: ‘One of the most challenging races of its type on the race calendar.’
Jim Timmion: ‘Brilliant event, very highly recommended but far and away the hardest mountain marathon challenge I know of.’



Official 2014 video:



2015 Teaser Video:



867-869 Fulham Road
London SW6 5HP

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