Mizuno Endure 24

endure 24

Event: Mizuno Endure 24


The biggest 24 hour race in the UK, with categories for solos, pairs, teams of 3-5 and 6-8. A superbly organised event in a great location, self-styled as ’24 hour running party in the woods’.


Date:  09 June 2018 (plus 30 June 2018 in Leeds)

Location:  Aldermaston, Berkshire & Leeds

Competitors:  300 teams + 148 solos (2015)

Team sizes:  2-8

Solos:  Yes

Lap Size:  5 miles

Terrain:  Mixed terrain





Race Reports & Tweets:











Sarah (2015): ’14 reasons to take a 5 year-old to a 24hr event’

Running Working Living (2015): ‘A fun festival…. With a twist!’

Alexa Briggs (2015): ‘Running in the dark is a great experience, slightly eerie to start with but then very calming.’

Little Runner Gal (2015): ‘Every time I think about the weekend just gone I have so get all overwhelmed!’

Frank (2015): ‘The event itself was brilliant and we had a lot of fun.’

Blackwater Valley Runners (2015): ‘It’s a special event full of ups and downs, drama and laughter.’

Bessie (2015): ‘ Brilliantly organised, a lovely course and more than that a phenomenal challenge for anyone.’

Run Farms Run (2015): ‘The laps at night were fantastic. Running in the dark, through a forest, wearing a head-torch, is definitely an unusual experience, but really enjoyable.’

Alexa (2015): ‘It was wonderful to have my other half there for the whole race, he was brilliant and kept everything topped up.’

Chris Holt (2015): ‘The atmosphere was excellent & the course was just the right challenge.’




Plus here’s some great video about the event:





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