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January 7, 2019

New Insoles for Antarctic Adventurer Ben Saunders

Antarctic Adventurer, Mountaineer Extraordinaire & Profeet Ambassador, Ben Saunders, recently paid us a visit over the Christmas period.

Ben was looking to update his insoles to assist his recovery from a recent injury.
Ben Saunders, Antarctica Explorer, wears Profeet Insoles

“It was hardly blue skies and blazing sunshine, but the clouds lifted high enough that I could see the mountains in front of me again, and let enough light through that I had at least a smudge of a shadow all day, so navigation was a doddle. It was also pretty cold this morning (my guess: -28° C) which consolidated the soft snow and gave me a better surface to ski over. The upshot is a new record for this expedition, 21.37km in 8.5 hours of travel.”


Ben Saunders, Antarctica 2018


Ben Saunders Training
Ben Saunders with his new Profeet custom insoles


You can find out more about Ben’s adventures at

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