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January 21, 2015

In this video, Janine Winter, Ski Manager at Profeet, tackles the question ‘What are ski touring boots?   Ski touring boots are designed for somebody predominantly skiing in the backcountry, who wants to save weight for the uphill.     What makes ski touring boots different…   Ski touring boots are made from lighter weight […]

January 20, 2015

Richard Felton, Run Manager at Profeet explains what happens if you come in for a running assessment:     Three Key Steps 1. We look at how your feet, knees and hips work – looking out for any limitations in movement. 2. We look at you running barefoot on the treadmill, checking for any imbalances between […]

January 8, 2015

Profeet Ski Manager, Janine Winter, is featured in the current issue of Adventure Travel magazine, answering key ski boot fitting questions.   The questions covered include:   What should I look for in a ski boot? How much space should there be at the toe? How many pairs of socks should I wear? How tightly […]

December 29, 2014

Earlier this month, one of the UK’s top ultra runners, Paul Navesey, set a new 50km Treadmill World Record at the Profeet Run Lab.   The challenge was part of Profeet’s Ultra Running Day, which also included advice from some of Britain’s top ultra runners and the chance to test Salomon Running equipment.   Three […]

December 12, 2014

Hot on the heels of Britain’s most successful gymnast, Beth Tweddle, another Olympian visited Profeet this week.   Chemmy Alcott has slightly more experience than Beth – having represented Great Britain at four Winter Olympic Games, but this time she is preparing for a completely different event.   The Arctic Circle Race   In March […]

December 11, 2014

At Profeet, we are used to welcoming athletes of the highest calibre, such as Olympians Jenny Jones and Graham Bell.   We have also welcomed 800m runner Marilyn Okoro, heptathlete Jess Tappin and triathletes of the highest quality such as Simone Dailey and Tamsin Lewis.   Preparing for her first skiing holiday   But Beth Tweddle – three-time […]

December 8, 2014

You might have noticed the excellent Southern Running Guide on display in your local running shop.     And the first thing you see when you open the magazine…Profeet – no.1 choice for runners!    

December 5, 2014

Five time Olympian Graham Bell revealed some of his top tips for ski fitness at Profeet on Wednesday night.   Use a mix of training to prepare different muscles and avoid or isolate injuries. Triathlon is a great option for this. If your knees are giving you trouble, then go for a swim. If there’s […]

November 24, 2014

Last week Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell became the latest celebrity to visit Profeet.     Running, not skiing   Graham has been a regular at Profeet since we opened.  He supplied our Skiers Edge machine – which we use as part of our ski boot fit process – and he has had regular boot […]

November 20, 2014

We take pride in the service we offer and it’s always rewarding for our staff to receive positive feedback.   We’ve shared over 100 separate items of positive comments we’ve had from customers in just five months since June of this year.  Here’s a sample of just some  of them.   Some came via Twitter… […]

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