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January 7, 2014

At Profeet, we are often asked how we make our custom ski insoles for ski boots.   How do footbeds help? Custom insoles give support to your feet and improve the fit of your boot. Every footbed we make is moulded and designed to fit each individual foot like a glove (or should that be […]

January 2, 2014

If you are a regular skier, at some point you will ask yourself ‘should I get a custom ski boot liner?’   Ski boots have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but they needn’t be so. Off-the-shelf ski boots are simply rigid plastic shells with softer cushioned liners. Ski boot manufacturer’s insoles are very basic foam […]

Produced by Profeet ( in conjunction with our friends at Race To The Stones – the 100km foot race along the oldest path in Britain – Profeet’s Neil tells you what blister kit to take for an ultra marathon:     Expert Advice from Profeet To help you prepare for all your ultra (and normal) […]

December 24, 2013

‘Barefoot running’ is a topic we regularly get asked about during our run appointments and it is also an area that has been often featured recently in the media.   We felt this was the right time to restate our opinions on this so that our customers know where we are.     Barefoot running […]

December 11, 2013

Jenny Jones came in Friday afternoon for new Profeet Custom Insoles for her new Salomon snow board boots.   Jenny usually pops in every year or two for new insoles. We wish her all the best for this season and for the Winter Olympics at Sochi 2014.

November 28, 2013

Team GB ultra runner Robbie Britton came into Profeet for one of our free customer evenings last night. The evening started with Robbie taking out the group for a run lit by headtorch along the Thames tow path, with spare headtorches provided by Petzl

August 22, 2013

Fantastic news from New Zealand as Britain's top female snowboarder (and Profeet ambassador) Jenny Jones has picked up her first World Cup podium.

July 8, 2013

Profeet's Richard Felton discusses how footbeds can prevent and alleviate injuries by custom moulding orthotics. This is part of our series of videos produced to help all those taking on the Race To The Stones 100km challlenge on 13-14 July 2013.

March 18, 2013

It’s not every day that a ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ winner raves about Profeet on Twitter, but that’s what Harry Judd did last weekend:   The McFly drummer recently came into Profeet to get kitted up for the London Marathon, where he is raising funds for The Teenage Cancer Trust and Eyes Alight (BIRT).     So thanks […]

February 4, 2013

If you’re looking for inspiration on a dreary January day then take 5 minutes to visit the blog of Profeet Ambassador, Alastair Humphreys.   Alastair has earned himself the title of National Geographic Adventurer of the Year – the result of his many self-motivated expeditions and challenges. His CV features more countries and sporting expositions […]

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