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September 5, 2019

Profeet Ambassador Pierre Meslet tackles UTMR

Its that time of year and the ultra-running world has kick started some of its longest and most challenging events! With the past weekend Chamonix hosted the UTMB for the 16th year running, this week sees the UTMR take place in Grachen Switzerland.


About Profeet Ambassador Pierre Meslet
Ultra runner, Trail Runner and Osteopath. For 2019 he’s chasing sub 2hrs 45 for London Marathon along with other international ultras. 2020 Pierre aims to tackle the famous Marathon de Sables.


Ambassador Pierre is about to tackle over 170km of trail along with 11,300m of ascent along the way! He is aiming for a time of between 40-45hrs. Pierre also explains how sleep is not necessarily needed!

“I will sleep in my bed before and after the race, if I really need some I will nap at a checkpoint”.


You can follow the race on Race bib

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