The Profeet Guide to Threshold Trail Series

Welcome to the Profeet Guide to theThreshold Trail Series, created to help newbies and experienced runners alike prepare for and complete this iconic 100km ultra marathon.

These tips are relevant for all of the Threshold Ultra Trail Series events:



Dulux London Revolution

  • 11th/12th May
  • Loop around London
  • 300km


Race to the Tower

  • 8th/9th June 2019
  • From Stoneridge farm to Broadway Tower (The South Downs Way)
  • 52.6 miles


Race to the King

  • 22rd/23th June 2019
  • From Slindon Estate to Winchester (The South Downs Way)
  • 53.2 miles


Race to the Stones

  • 12th/14th July 2019
  • From Lewknor to Averbury
  • 100km


Before, During and After

This guide is divided into three simple sections: ‘Before’, ‘During’ and ‘After’. Check the links on the right to find more information about training plans, kit, shoes, logistics, nutrition and more.


Tips and Advice


We’ve included our own specialist knowledge, as well as advice from previous competitors, and tips from the Profeet team – who won the team race in 2014.


So have a look round. Whether your goal is to finish in a certain time, or just finish, we hope you’ll find this guide useful in your Threshold Ultra Trail Event challenge.



Threshold race series

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