The Race to the Stones route

All you have to do is to make your way 100km along Britain’s oldest footpath – the Ridgeway. Pretty simple really…




Highlights to watch out for


The route takes you a path that has been used for over 5000 years.  It includes a number of landmarks – which depending on your level of fatigue you might not notice at the time!


Wayland’s Smithy is a neolithic long barrow and chamber tomb.  Try and get past here before it gets dark… (some people think it’s a bit spooky!)

RTTS-waylands smithy



The White Horse at Uffington might not be so obvious as you run past, as its just off the race path, but this is a prehistoric design from the Iron or late-Bronze age.


The Iron age fort of Barbary Castle will be a welcome sight as it means you are nearing the finish (and it’s downhill from here!).


barbary castle



After that the final obvious highlight are the Avebury Stones themselves.


You’ll be wanting to get to the finish (which is still a couple of clicks away), but take some time to enjoy this stone circle – arguably more impressive than Stonehenge.



Route - stones

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