Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon Training Plan – it’s free!

There’s no hiding from it – 100km is a long way!


As well as the distance, competitors in the Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones have 1700m of climbing to deal with, so whether you plan to complete it in a single day, or over two, you must make sure you’ve prepared for the challenge facing you.


All entrants to the Threshold Ultra Trail Series events will be sent a 16 week training plan (for running or walking) and comprehensive training advice to ensure you are in the best possible shape.


However, before you jump in and start training away, please read the following:


Profeet Golden Rules of following the ‘Zero to Hero’ training plan


1: The “Zero” in zero to hero refers to somebody that has never completed an Ultra. It does not mean somebody that has never run before. Preferably you would have completed a Marathon or at least a couple of half marathon’s before doing this plan.


2: ‘MP’ and ‘HMP’ stand for ‘Marathon Pace’ and ‘Half Marathon Pace’. However, don’t get too caught up in the word ‘pace’. We have daily fluctuations in tiredness and stress levels which can seriously impact our speed at a given intensity.  It’s better to imagine this as Marathon effort or half marathon effort. Forget the speed on the watch and just run the intervals at the required level.


3: Don’t try to do catch up miles if you miss a session or two. Doing too much too soon can lead to injury. Listen to your body and rest if more rest is required. It is better to get to the start line healthy and able to run as opposed to injured.


4: If you need a programme more tailored for your needs then we recommend a coach. Profeet has worked with both Rory Coleman (Marathon des Sables expert and multi-stage ultra guru) and Robbie Britton (elite team GB ultra runner) and can recommend them both. Rory does some great 16 week programs whilst Robbie specialises in creating programs that he tailors on a weekly basis as the two of you work together.


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5: We understand some people will not be able to do the sessions on the set days but the two key things to try and do are keep the long run followed by the hike on two consecutive days. And, try to keep the other two sessions at least a day apart to allow for adequate recovery.


6: Do your conditioning work. Strengthening the feet and hips are crucial to running ultra marathons successfully. We have a series of videos on our YouTube channel as well as some key exercises in our RTTS resource page. Try to complete these one or two times per week.





Personalised Training Plans


We must stress that these are ‘generic’ training plans.  They take no account of your running and athletic background, time available to train and injury limitations.


If you want to be sure of finding the right training plan for you, then please contact us and we can pass on Rory or Robbie’s details and they can help to tailor a training plan for you.

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