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November 12, 2019

Robbie Britton tackles the epic Two Volcano sprint, cycling half of Italy

Two Volcano sprint

Ambassador Robbie is unfortunately injured so has been off road/mountain running however, has found a love for cycling. Being no a stranger to a challenge Robbie has now embarked on one of the most difficult solo bike races in the world.



The Two Volcano Sprint is an individual unsupported challenge beginning and finishing at Mt. Vesuvio and Mt. Etna. The route covers an astounding 1,091km and has elevation across the course of over 24,000 metres. Robbie never takes on challenges by half’s and this is certainly one he’ll remember.

Two Volcano sprint

Robbie managed to complete the entirety of the challenge in a mammoth 3 days 17 hrs and 30mins. Not that this race was really to do with placings or winning, but he placed 4th overall. The field of riders began with 19 who entered the race, 3 DNS (did not start), 2 disqualifications as well as 6 DNF (did not finish)!


Robbie took to social media after the race saying:

“Had to dig deep at the end of that one. Little wild up on Etna. Time to warm up a little.”

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