How to deal with running and walking blisters…

Whether you walk or run, one of the biggest challenges with an ultra marathon such as the Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones is the possibility of getting blisters along the way.


These tips are relevant for all of the Threshold Ultra Trail Series events.


While a professional shoe fit and custom insoles can certainly reduce the risk of running and walking blisters, over 100km of varying terrain and weather there are no guarantees.





We have created the following videos in conjunction with Race to the Stones to help you to prepare for and treat some of the more common running and walking blisters you might come across:


Blister Kit for an Ultra Marathon




Dealing with hotspots before blisters appear…



What to do with a heel blister




How to treat a toe blister



Dealing with a blister on the arch of your foot



Forefoot blisters



What to do if a blister has already burst…




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