Self-Transcendence 24 Hour Track Race

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Event: Self-Transcendence 24 Hour Track Race


The most well-known 24 hour race to be held on a running track. Constantly running a 400m is a real test of your mind as well as your body – giving you the chance for some ‘self transcendence’. Also known as the ‘human hamster in the wheel’ race!


Date:  22-23 September 2018

Location:  Tooting, South London

Competitors:  45 solos (2015)

Teams:  No

Solos:  Yes

Lap Size:  400m

Terrain:  Track






Race Reports & Tweets:


Nick Thomas (2013): ‘This race is more mental than physical and I’d been rightly exposed.’


Antonia Johnson (2012): ‘Sometimes I hug people as I walk past. There are many of us walking. I’m crying again.’


JuraRunning (2014): ‘It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, deserved more respect than I gave it, and was absolutely bloody brilliant..’


Jon Fielden (2015): ‘There was so much positivity, support and camaraderie from everyone involved and I absolutely loved it. The event had such a low key, chilled out atmosphere to it that really worked. You could tell that it was an absolute labour of love for the organisers and the volunteers.’










Changing direction (which happens every 4 hours) in 2011:




Some footage from 2009:



Plus you can view the closing ceremony from 2014 here


And finally, how the event looks on Strava…



867-869 Fulham Road
London SW6 5HP

call 020 7736 0046

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