What shoes should you wear for a 24 hour running race?


The right shoes for a 24 hour race


The right shoe will depend on you and the event you are taking part in. Not everyone is suited for any particular shoe.


At Profeet we use our Run Assessment to find out about you and your feet before recommending any models or brands.


The right shoe for the right event


An event like Challenge Hub takes places on hard-packed trails and you can get away with a road shoe. Alternatively the Endure 24 is a softer course and for that you’d want soft trail shoe such as the Brooks Cascadia.




Profeet ambassador Max Willcocks tends to prefer the Mizuno Wave Hayate. This is a lightweight shoe that suits someone looking for speed. Max wore these in his win at the Thames Path 100 in 2015.





If you’re looking for a more solid shoe, then you could try the Salomon Fellraiser. This is an excellent trail shoe for tougher conditions and in the mud when you need more grip.  Profeet ambassador Chris Howe wore the Fellraiser when he won the Saltmarsh 75 in 2014.







Richard Felton‘Have well-fitted shoes and use insoles’


I use an Adidas Tempo Boost.  This really comes down to what the right support is for my feet. I like softness under my foot, as I’m neutral anyway, can get away with not being so supported.


It’s lighter than a traditional neutral shoe. And it’s suitable for longer distance as it offers enough support for me.  However, because it’s a bit lighter, it wouldn’t be suitable for heavier runner, who might be right for an Ultra Boost instead.




Should I take spare shoes?


If your shoes are fine then no reason to change them, but you lose nothing by having spare shoes available.


This is particularly so if it’s a trail race. Conditions can change quickly and while it might start dry, even a short rainfall can mean having a grippy shoe to change into can make a big difference.



‘Make sure you have well-fitted shoes and use insoles’


You might say I would say this, but the further you run the more crucial it is that you get it right.


You might get away with it for a shorter race, but the further you run the more important it is that you have custom insoles as it spreads the pressure you’re constantly applying through your feet.


Richard Running Insoles



10% discount at Profeet for all 24 Hour competitors


We are delighted to be able to offer all 24 hour competitors – whether solo or in a team – a 10% discount off Profeet Run Lab services and shoes.


All you have to do to claim your discount is to show proof of entry when you book your appointment.


The following video shows you what you can expect when you come into Profeet for a run assessment:





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