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October 24, 2019

Ski Boot Review: Tecnica’s Famous Mach 1 Family

Tecnica Mach 1

Tecnica’s famous Mach 1 family of boots feature three different boots with three different lasts, LV (98 mm), MV (100 mm) and HV (103 mm). Initially, with just the MV and LV options, the HV was a welcome addition last season. Loaded with a load of great tech features, they are a really well thought out series of boots.


Tecnica Mach 1 LV

Starting with the narrowest in the family, the LV, an updated new boot for this season. It is based off a race boot and as a result, has an incredibly snug heel and ankle. This fit of the LV this year is far more anatomical than previous and has a true narrow last.

Tecnica Mach 1 MV

The MV is a staple medium fitting boot, with a medium heel and ankle as well as midfoot and forefoot. The instep is tall and with changes to boots such as the Atomic Hawx Prime, it is one of the tallest on the market at the moment.

Tecnica Mach 1 HV

The HV was a welcome new addition last season, designed with the same performance features as the LV and MV models, it is a great solid wider fitting boot with loads of great customisable options. The firm liner gives really great heel and ankle hold which is also something that is often overlooked in this category. It is a great option for that individual with a wider foot that also doesn’t want to compromise on performance.

Tecnica C.A.S

Tecnica has developed C.A.S (Custom Adaptive Shape) shell and liner. Tecnica says this makes the shell more anatomical, and improves fit out of the box. The C.A.S shell features dimples in common problem fit areas which decrease the surface area and increase heating capacity of the plastic, making customisations to the shell easier, it also means the shell retains the new shape better and for longer.


The anatomical C.A.S liner is one of the most customisable stock liners on the market. The material does make it slightly denser than others but it means it can be heat moulded which not only increases heel retention but comfort too. The C.A.S material is also grindable which allows for specific pockets of space to be created.

Tecnica Mach 1 Womens

Tecnica has developed women’s specific technology into their women’s range of boots, this means they are more specific to the female anatomy, allowing females to ski in greater comfort. The cuff of both the shell and liner of the boot is more open at the top, as females calves tend to start lower in the leg which is why women are the ones who usually suffer from calf pinch.

Women also tend to have poorer circulation than men which is why Tecnica include Celliant and Lambswool in their liners, this is thermo-reactive minerals that turn body heat into infrared energy, which penetrates deep into the tissues and increases circulation, oxygen and blood flow.


Overall here at Profeet we really rate the entire Mach 1 series, and having the different last options gives greater flexibility within the brand. Having the HV available is a welcome addition as it features all the great performance technology of the other volumes, so no compromises need to be made for comfort.

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