Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Training your endurance system for an ultra marathon like the the Threshold Trail Series is only part of the story.


These tips will be suitable for all of the Threshold Ultra Trail Series events:


Over 100km your body’s muscles and connective tissues will take a battering, which is why it’s also important to spend some time working on strength and conditioning.


Reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery time


A strong core and regular ‘self-myofascial release’ (sounds more complicated that it is!) will help increase blood flow and range of motion, reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery time.


At Profeet we recommend specific exercises tailored to individual needs, based on your run assessment.


However, as a general guide, a couple of sessions per week incorporated each of the following exercises will be beneficial to all runners.



Hip and Glute Exercises


Ankle Mobility Exercises



Big toe exercises



For the following exercises, please click on the image to watch a video:



Plantar Fascia Massage




Ankle Inversion


ankle inversion



Ankle Eversion


ankle eversion



Single Leg Bridge


single leg bridge



Hip Abduction – Standing


hip standing



Standing Hip Extension


hip extension



Foam Roller Quadriceps





Foam Roller Piriformis





Foam Roller Single Calf





Foam Roller ITB






Please note that all of these exercises should be used with due caution. Please contact the Profeet team if you have any questions.

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