Time to celebrate!

Congratulations – you’ve completed the Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones! So now what?


Medals RTTS





Depending on when you read this, you might either still have adrenalin flying through your body, or (more probably) you will be flaked out on the floor and wondering how you will ever get up the stairs to your bedroom…


Your body has been through some serious trauma – now’s the time to help it recover.




While a beer or two might be tempting, remember that alcohol will not help you rehdyrate.  Your body will be working hard over the next week to repair all the damage you’ve done to it, and you can help speed up that recovery by making sure you are fully hydrated.


As in the race, ‘drink when you feel thirsty’ is a great guideline, but just be mindful of what signals your body is giving you.





Fuel up


By the time  you finish, you will probably be running a massive calorie deficit.  There’s no need to go crazy, but your body will be able to mend all those torn muscle fibres if you refuel efficiently and promptly.


Enjoy a few biscuits and ice-cream by all means, but remember to get some protein on board – this is essential for recovery.


A burger isn’t essential – but this is one of those occasions when it will taste great…


You've earned it!





There’s a whole mix of studies as to whether supplements can help recovery. It’s really only be experimentation that you’ll find what works for you, but we are big fans of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) – there is some evidence that they can speed recovery.


Take it easy and plan ahead


There’s no need to start training until you feel like it.  If you want to exercise try some light and easy cycling on a static bike. This can help the blood flow to your legs and aid the recovery process.


As far as your next event is concerned, you might feel like going back to Parkrun after Race to the Stones.  But if you are thinking of another ultra marathon there are now many choices across the UK.




If you’ve completed Race to the Stones non-stop then you have picked up two ‘old’ UTMB points or four ‘new’ points.


If you’re not familiar, the UTMB is the trail running race – and while the main race itself is very hard to qualify for, there are three other ultra races over the UTMB weekend, with varying points required to be able to enter.




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