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October 29, 2019

Why custom ski boot liners are a good idea

The best custom ski boot liner for you


If you are a regular skier you know how important well-fitting boots are to your skiing performance, and having to take time out of your skiing day for painful shins or numb and frozen feet can be very frustrating. Good boot fitting is a careful balance of comfort and performance.


Ski boots rarely fit perfectly out of the box and the liners that come with the boots can wear out after a year or two causing problems, so for optimal fit, you should consider custom ski boot liners.


Which Custom ski boot liner is best for me?


At Profeet we offer a comprehensive range of custom liners with three different technologies to suit a variety of custom fitting needs. Each option offers improvements in both comfort and performance and a bespoke solution to certain fit issues.


The different liner technologies can work better for different foot shapes and skiing needs. We will discuss with you if a custom liner is suitable and/or needed, and the best solution during your appointment.
Our three liner technologies are as follows:


sidas ski boot liners

1) Sidas PU Foam Injected Liners

Foam injected liners provide a precise fit, fully forming to the shape of your foot and lower leg, improving both comfort and performance.

Most suitable for:

They are an excellent option for those with prominent ankle bones, slim feet and lower legs, or those with unusually shaped feet as the foaming process fills the liner to your foot shape.


zipfit ski boot liners

2) Zipfit

Zipfit liners feature panels filled with their OMFit (cork and dry-ceramic clay mixture ) around the ankles and through the tongue of the liner. The liner is heat moulded in the first instance and continues to mould while you ski.

Most suitable for:

A great option for those who have struggled with ankle and lower leg retention but need additional forefoot space.  The liners feature wool lining and a neoprene toe box for warmth.


intuition ski boot liners

3) Intuition Liners

Intuition liners are a thermo mouldable liner constructed of a closed-cell EVA foam giving exceptional warmth and comfort and minimal weight.

Most suitable for:

An excellent option for those with larger calves or suffer from shin issues or those looking for more comfort and warmth.


In this video, Ski Boot Lab Manager, Frazer, explains the differences between a foam-injected, Zipfit and Intuition ski boot liner and how they can benefit your skiing.



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