Profeet ambassador Robbie Britton on training in Chamonix and the UTMB -

Earlier this week, we caught up with Team Profeet and Centurion Running ambassador Robbie Britton. Robbie is currently based out in Chamonix as part of his build up to the UTMB at the end of August.


Good to speak to you again Robbie.  Have you been racing since our last update


At the end of May I spent four days of running the Gerês Nature Trail in Portugal.  The rain and mud of Northern Portugal really gave my feet, and shins, a battering. It was brilliant fun, but I was really glad to have the Adizero XTs that Rich (Profeet Run Manager) recommended. The grip underneath was great on wet rock and everything else the mountains had to throw at me, a real adventure.

How are you finding Chamonix?
Everyone wants to run away to the mountains, right?  Moving a place where you have trails up to 3000m and beyond on your doorstep has been amazing. It is a great chance to meet other runners, practice on those loooong up and downhill sections of the UTMB and make sure my body and my kit is in the right place for the mountains.


Every morning I look out of my door and see a massive glacier coming down the mountain. As a trail runner, outdoorsman and Geographer this really excites me!


It’s great to have my girlfriend and my friends out here too. Even Natalie’s dog Rosa is feeling the burn of the added uphills but seems less bothered by the altitude.

What events have you got lined up just now?


After finishing 5th at the Vertical race in Annecy last weekend (4.5km & 850m up) whilst cheering on Team GB to a Team Bronze Medal in the men’s race, my next focus is the 23km Mont Blanc Cross on Chamonix’s marathon & ultra weekend.


Although 23km is a little short for me, it is important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do things that will make you stronger. It is all part of the build up to UTMB.

What are your goals for the UTMB?


I want to improve on last year (26:48) and will be aiming to be under 24hrs. To do this my plans are to be even more accustomed to the course, pick the right shoes to deal with the long downhills and rocks later on, practice hiking up hill strongly and running downhill efficiently. So far, so good!


If the weather comes in on race weekend then the time won’t be as important, it will just be about getting the best performance out of myself on the day.


It is vital not to focus on others in ultra distance racing, you own race is what counts and being the best that you can be on the day.


We wish Robbie all the best with his training.  The Profeet Run Lab team will be heading out to Chamonix later this month and we’ll be reporting on that visit shortly afterwards – including how well (or not) we manage to keep up with Robbie in training.

Interview by Iain Martin

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