If you are a regular skier, at some point you will ask yourself ‘should I get a custom ski boot liner?’


Ski boots have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but they needn’t be so. Off-the-shelf ski boots are simply rigid plastic shells with softer cushioned liners. Ski boot manufacturer’s insoles are very basic foam cut-outs that cost only a few euros.

Everyone’s feet are different – and that’s where Profeet’s fitting service comes in.

What is a custom ski boot liner?

A custom ski boot liner fitted by Profeet tailors the boot fit to your lower leg and foot so it fits you perfectly.


What are the advantages of a custom ski boot liner?

A well-fitted footbed stabilises your foot within the boot and allows better communication between you and your skis. As well as increasing comfort, they create increased foot-hold and transmission of power to your ski.

Do I need a foam ski boot liner?

We recommend foam ski boot liners for skiers looking for high precision and performance, and also in some cases if there are specific fitting issues.


Foam ski boot liners come without any padding. The process is that you stand in your boots and liners whilst liquid foam is poured into it. The foam is then left to set and what’s left is a perfectly fitting ski boot.

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