When Strava meets Christmas: GPS goes festive! -

Seasons greetings to local runner Owen Delaney who has been using Strava to create festive running art!

Running in mysterious ways


Rather than spending his time creating phallic patterns, Owen has been running in mysterious ways in Bushy Park this month.


That’s how it might have looked if you had seen Owen running back and forth through the bracken at the time, but when viewed afterwards on Strava the method behind his madness was revealed.

‘My kids are confused by it’


When Strava realised what Owen was up to, they interviewed him for their blog:

‘I was looking at a map of Bushy Park and thought the Diana Fountain would make a good Rudolph nose. My kids seem quite confused by it all. I show them the pictures and they just give me a funny look.’

OMG. Frosty is dead.


Our favourite (shown above) is probably the death of Frosty the Snowman: his melted head slumped to his side.


Owen told Profeet how he plans his runs:


“I plan in advance with the Strava route planning tool, then try to follow the route in the app when I run. The planned routes look much tidier than the final result though!”




When asked why, Owen pointed to a quote he recently read fron Richard Askwith: ‘Find the kind of running that gives you the most joy, and just get out and do it.’


We can’t think of a better way to enjoy your running.  You can follow Owen on his Strava profile here.


Have a Merry Christmas Owen – thanks for sharing it with us!



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