Profeet’s Ski Manager answers the big questions.
This week we look at ‘When Should I Replace My Ski Boots?’:

Answer: Watch out for movement in the boot
Movement in the boot, especially the heel, is a key sign that the liner is getting packed out (becoming compressed).

If this is the case you’ll have to work that much harder to control the skis – a snug fitting ski boot is much more efficient. Through time all liners will gradually pack out, and the more a boot is worn, the quicker this happens.

A temporary fix to prolong the life of the boot is to use fitting aids to give a snugger fit again.  And if the shell is still in good condition then we can just replace the liner.

There’s also the option to upgrade from the stock liner with a custom ski boot liner using foam or cork. Cork is a much more dense material which is designed to last longer and is ideal for someone skiing on a regular basis.

Watch for wear on the soles of the boot
It is important to check the soles of the boots for wear.

If either the toe and heel thickness of a ski boot is too worn this allows too much movement in the binding. It may also mean that the boot pre-releases from the binding when you don’t want it to, so can be very dangerous.

You can normally buy replacement toes and heels for boots within a few years of manufacture. However, after that manufacturers rarely stock parts and they can be hard to source.  Without replacements, you will need to replace the boot.

One way of preventing so much wear on the soles is to use Cat Tracks, which are a protective rubber sole that you pull onto your boots.

cat tracks

The technology of ski boots is always evolving and improving
The technology of ski boots is always evolving: boot manufacturers are continually working on ways to improve access to the boot, the fit, warmth, water proofing and performance.

Plastics have changed over the years, they are much softer so it is much easier to flex a boot now.  When the design of skis changed, boots followed and are now made laterally stiffer to help you carve.

With that in mind, if it has been a number of years since you replaced your boots then you may benefit from some of the advances in technology.

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