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Our Insole Technology

Following your assessment, your insoles are 100% custom-built using high definition vacuum technology
and then hand finished while you wait.



A mould of your foot is taken using state of the art high definition (HD) vacuum technology – imagine a hi-tech footprint in the sand.



Heat Moulding

A composite insole is vacuum heated to soften and bond the specific materials together, before being placed in the HD mould. Your foot is then placed on the insole to form an exact mould of your foot.



Shaping and trimming

After your insoles have set to your exact foot shape, they are hand finished with high density form to stabilise and customise the support in your shoes and then hand trimmed to exactly fit.

Custom Insoles

A foot with poor support is like a building with poor foundations

The sole of the foot is the primary method of supporting and propelling the body. Ensuring it is correctly supported is key to improving comfort, increasing performance and reducing the risk of injury.


That’s why elite athletes – top runners, tennis, basketball, hockey, football, rugby players and more consider custom insoles to be an essential part of their equipment

Insoles that work as you move

Custom composite insoles work with your feet as you move and therefore have an advantage in sport. Looking at the four phases of foot movement it’s easy to understand why a composite insole is a benefit:

custom insoles in action

1. Initial Contact – By acting as a mould for your foot, your insole holds your foot in shape and improves the natural shock absorption. Special materials improve this still further.


2. Suspension – As your foot slows down and is loaded by the weight of your body, your custom insole works with your foot to progressively support and then store energy ready for the next phase. These suspension elements also make our insoles ideal for ball and team sports with more lateral and multidirectional forces.


3. Support – As your body starts to move over your foot the insole provides stability, thus reducing unnecessary movement that can lead to injury, while conserving energy for the final phase.


4. Propulsion – Special materials under the forefoot provide a combination of energy return and rigidity, helping to move the foot forward and of the ground ready for the next cycle.

Sports Specific Insoles

Custom insoles for every sport

Check out our full range of Custom Insoles and all of the sports and footwear types that we can help with.

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Everyday Custom Insoles

¾ Insoles for work and everyday shoes

For work and everyday shoes, a special low profile and ¾ length, they can be fitted to men’s and women’s; work shoes, dress shoes, party shoes, dance shoes and every day shoes.


As they are ¾ length they can usually be moved from shoe to shoe.

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