Profeet was founded in 2001 with the sole aim of ensuring everyone could be comfortable and able to perform to the very best of their ability, in their ski boots, running shoes and other footwear.


From working closely with both top athletes and manufacturers over a number of years, we understood the importance placed by all involved on getting their ski boots and footwear just right.


Athletes routinely had footwear modified and used custom insoles, which they relied on as standard equipment, to improve their comfort, increase their performance and reduce stress and strain on their bodies.

In contrast, we had observed first-hand, people suffering from footwear issues on ski holidays in the alps and while running around the Thames in Fulham and Putney.


Profeet was founded to bring the advantages experienced by top athletes to everyone. We have brought together, biomechanical knowledge, advanced analysis technologies, custom insoles and footwear expertise.


Fine-tuned into our 3-step process we aim to create a custom ski boot or footwear solution for you while you wait.

Our team

Our footwear staff are active in sport and most have graduated from top universities in the fields of biomechanics, sports science and sports rehabilitation.

Our ski staff are professional ski boot fitters. Many are ski instructors and have a wealth of experience fitting ski boots in-store and in resorts. We all share a common passion for snow sports.

Johan Jakobsson

Assistant Buyer & Manager - Ski Boot Lab

Johan joined Profeet in 2014 and has a Masterfit Masters in boot fitting. Johan has previously spent 5 ski seasons in Norway skiing and working in rental shops.

Mark Owen

Senior Ski Boot Technician & Run/Footwear Technician

Mark has a degree in Sports Science and has a Masterfit Masters in ski boot fitting. Mark has been fitting boots since 2005 in the UK, NZ & Canada.

Sam Jones

Ski Boot Technician

Sam has been fitting ski boots since 2014 in the UK, New Zealand and the French alps. Sam predominantly snowboards in any conditions and terrain and loves long distance trekking, climbing and all outdoor activities.

Thomas Scales

Senior Run & Footwear Technician

Tom has a degree in Sport Science and a specific interest in Biomechanics. He’s a former rower who has achieved a number of medals at the British Rowing Championships. He is also REPs level 3 personal trainer.

Steve Taylor

Senior Run & Footwear Technician

Steve has a degree in Sports Therapy and Sports Massage. He is an ex athlete specialising in 800m and cross country.

Charlotte Greig

Customer Service Supervisor

Charlotte has a degree in Russian and Italian and grew up in a sporting family; running, skiing, rowing, playing tennis. Charlotte still runs and goes to the gym regularly.


British Ski Boot-fitters Association

Profeet are a BSBA Platinum Plus member and all Profeet staff are BSBA trained.



We continuously test and assess our products in-store, on the roads, the trails and the slopes. We participate in key international tests and launches and attend key events like the SIGB Ski and Boot test before selecting our range.

We look for fit, function, comfort and performance and have close relationships with all the brands we sell.

We often consult and work with product designers and developers and are one of a select group to be invited to global meetings.

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Profeet’s services are by appointment only, please call or book online in advance

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