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Our 3-step custom fit process

Profeet - 3 Step Process

1   Assessment

Our technicians assess your foot shape, foot type, biomechanics, gait, movement patterns and stance. We use a combination of skilled observation, functional tests, video gait analysis and foot scans. The results allow us to select the correct footwear solution.

2   Custom Insoles

We then craft our signature Profeet Custom Insoles, which form the foundation of your custom fitted footwear and are the secret ingredient to your Profeet custom fit. These are moulded to your feet and then fine-tuned to further personalise the fit/function.

33   Footwear
We select the most appropriate ski boots, running shoes and footwear from our extensive range, matching them to your fit, function and performance needs, to help you arrive at the best possible solution.

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Our philosophy

Biomechanics Lab Fulham

Profeet was started in 2001 with the sole aim of ensuring everyone could be comfortable and able to perform to the very best of their ability, in their ski boots, running shoes and other footwear.


From working closely with both top athletes and manufacturers over a number of years, we understood the importance placed by all involved, on getting their ski boots and footwear just right.


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