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What happens during a sport assessment?

Our Sports Assessment for running and footwear includes a thorough biomechanical analysis conducted by one of our skilled team of sports scientists, sports rehab specialists, sports therapists, biomechanists and podiatrists.

foot assessment

A physical assessment of your feet

This starts with a physical assessment of your foot and lower leg physiology. We look at foot, ankle and leg function before moving to dynamic assessments for a more detailed understanding.

Brannock foot measurement


Manufacturers build shoes around a ‘last’. However, some last their shoes to be a certain length and some to fit a certain size – resulting in longer or shorter shoes for the same size. Add to this that UK sizes are converted differently from one manufacturer to another and getting the right size can be difficult.


We measure your feet accurately with the industry-standard Brannock measuring device and consider length, width, shape and overall volume of your feet to determine what sizes, makes and models will work well for you.

HD high definition video gait analysis

Gait Analysis

We then evaluate feet and lower body movement, both barefoot and in shoes. Our professional video gait analysis software uses full HD cameras and high frame rates, to capture details that would normally be missed allowing us to understand the details of how you move.


We also use professional gait treadmills with minimal bounce to simulate running on roads and pavements.

dynamic foot scan

Dynamic Foot Scan

Next, a dynamic foot scan is taken using a special plate with over 4,000 micro pressure sensors. Here we start to examine the forces acting through your foot as it impacts on the ground from initial impact to toe off. This enables us to understand how your foot works and what issues you might experience.

biomechanical analysis evaluation and results


Finally, we combine the information which allows us to build a custom insole tailored to your individual needs and recommend and test footwear on the treadmill where we can look in detail at the shoe’s performance vs your needs.

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