ski analysis and ski boot custom fitting at Profeet, Fulham, London

foot assessment

Physical test of foot function

We begin with examining foot flexibility and ankle range of motion allowing us to envisage how the foot will act in a ski boot and begin to formulate an understanding of any potential issues with fit due to biomechanical limitations.

Brannock foot measurement


Ski boots have a hard-plastic shell which makes it difficult to determine the right size. They also come in Mondopoint sizing, (the length of a foot in cms), which manufacturers interpret differently so there can be significant variances in length from one brand to another. With a 1 cm differences between shell sizes, it is easy to fall between two sizes.


To help find the right size, we accurately measure your feet using an industry-standard Brannock Mondopoint measuring device both weighted and unweighted, to gauge the length, width and instep height of your foot at rest and under load. We use this as a basis for recommending a shell size, but once selected, we may examine your feet inside the shell and adjust for ability and fit preference.

Foot pressure and balance scan

A special plate with thousands of micro pressure sensors is used to examine how you stand, how much contact your feet have with the ground, how your weight is distributed – both front to back and left to right.


The results highlights issues with posture and alignment and in real time we can explore how custom insoles and boot fitting aids can help improve balance when skiing.


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