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Key Parameters And How They Help

Where before, you needed to be an elite athlete and visit a fully equipped biomechanics lab and spend a day to get the same results. With our Profeet 3D Motion Lab you get an accurate and very beneficial result in just one hour.

Running Economy Data Analysis

Running Economy

We look at the economy of your movement, and how efficient your running technique is to resist fatigue.

The less energy you expend whilst running, the greater the distance you can achieve or the faster pace you can run before fatigue sets in.

Joint Loading data analysis

Joint Loading

We observe the combination of internal and external forces acting around the knee and the hip.

Higher joint loading may be desirable for performance, however, excessive forces can lead to short and long term injury. We will work with you to reduce injury risk.

stride rating data analysis

Stride Rating

The stride rating highlights stride parameters that are possible weak areas.

These can be improved with simple changes to technique, footwear choice, custom insoles, and strength and conditioning exercises.

gait cycle data analysis

Gait Cycle

The gait wheel helps us analyse symmetry in gait and can be viewed in both frontal and sagittal planes. It is a key tool for helping identify movement patterns that lead to or is affected by injury and enables us to work on optimising movement.


These are examples of just a few key parameters, and we may also go into more or less detail depending on appointment type and needs.

Motion Analysis Results

Based on your 3D Assessment, our skilled technicians analyse the results and provide advice and guidance including footwear selection, custom moulded insoles and running technique. They will provide exercise programmes both during this appointment – and with follow up assessments if needed.

The beauty of the 3D System is that with short and regular follow up appointment(s) we can look at improvements made, or new issues arising, and continue to fine-tune your key parameters to enhance and progress your running technique. So you can perform to your optimum potential.

3D analysis

How Does It Work?

  • High-tech depth cameras* collect running motion data which is interpreted by the software using highly advanced algorithms.
  • The software uses the data to extrapolate body segments from the raw data and build a 3D segmented model of the runner.
  • The software then performs rigorous kinematic and kinetic calculations to extract the angles, forces and timing in order to provide us with key running parameters.

* Why depth cameras? Because quality 3D motion data can be obtained without body markers, making motion capture easier and faster than ever


Our 3D Running Assessment uses state of the art 3D technology to investigate and help develop your running technique and working on key metrics such as: efficiency, joint loading, stride, symmetry and other running details.

Suitable for runners looking to improve technique and able to run at over 9 KPH on a treadmill.

Appointments include:

    • Marker-less 3D tracking of your running. 4
    • Exploring and improving running economy (ideal for saving energy and increasing performance).
    • Looking into your running parameters (e.g. contact time, forward lean, foot strike position).
    • Detailed joint loading assessment for knee and hips (left and right) and how to reduce the loading if needed.
    • Tips to improve technique – advice based on the results.
    • A running performance report.
    • Duration up to 55 minutes, with follow ups of 25 minutes. 1

Please note:

    • – This is a running assessment and not a fitting service. It is available as an upgrade to one of our fitting appointments or a standalone service.


Why not add another service to your 3D RUNNING ASSESSMENT?

Our signature custom shoe fitting appointment – we get you in the best shoe in terms of fit and function before fine tuning with our 100% Custom Insoles. We can also offer this appointment to fit custom insoles to shoes provided by you.

This service is suitable for runners, walkers, sports people and individuals that spend time on their feet and want to increase comfort or improve performance.

  • Our qualified technicians will analyse and identify your key movement patterns.
  • We focus on issues you experience running, training or walking in order to identify the root causes and develop the best custom insole and footwear solution to improve fit and function using custom insoles and the best shoes for your needs.
  • Includes:
    • Lower leg functional assessment (static and dynamic)
    • HD video gait analysis – hips, legs, feet and upper body
    • Dynamic foot pressure scanning
    • Functional and strength & conditioning exercises where appropriate and helpful
    • Assessment report
  • Profeet signature 100% Custom Insoles. Additional insoles can be purchased during the appointment at the special price of £129.95 a pair. 2
  • Footwear selection and fitting from our approved selection of running, tennis and hiking shoes.3 Or insoles fitted to your existing shoes.
  • Profeet Fit Guarantee on shoes and insoles (purchased during the appointment) and a Money Back Guarantee on insoles.
  • 12 Months Validity during which time additional custom insoles can be purchased alone at £149.95. After 12 months a new assessment is required due to possible physical and biomechanical changes.
  • Duration: Up to 55 minutes depending on needs. 1


The essentials for getting you in the right shoes and performed by our qualified technicians using professional video gait analysis equipment and treadmills.

Suitable for runners with no injuries or those just looking for a pair of shoes.

  • We stick to the essentials and look at your foot, ankle and lower legs.
  • We will help you get the best shoe for your running gait and needs.
  • includes:
    • HD video gait analysis, focused on feet and lower legs.
    • Footwear selection and fitting from up to 3 suitable models.
  • Duration: 25 minutes. 1

Please note:

  • – SHOE ASSESSMENT does not include our Fit Guarantee.
  • – Custom insoles cannot be made during or following this assessment.
  • – More complex fitting issues cannot be dealt with in this assessment.


This appointment is for our customers who have had a Profeet Signature Custom Fitting Assessment, or one of our legacy services that include our Fit Guarantee (ex. Sport Assessment, 3D Sport Assessment or 3D Pro Assessment).

  • The Fit Guarantee is valid for three months for footwear and six months for custom insoles from the date of purchase.
  • Duration: Up to 30 minutes. 1

Our Profeet Fit Guarantee
Although we do our utmost to make sure you leave Profeet comfortable with your custom insoles and/or new footwear, we understand issues can arise.

Our Fit Guarantee Adjustment is offered as part of our Profeet Fit Guarantee which enables you to come back into store, have your problem assessed and one of our technicians will come up with the best possible solution to address the issue.

This free of charge service is valid with all services in the Running Lab. If you are having issues, please call us on
020 7736 0046

Appointment notes:

1 Appointment time length can vary slightly depending on individual requirements. If you arrive late, we may need to alter the assessment to suit the available time or to rebook you an alternative date and time.

2 Additional insoles can be purchased during your appointment. However, may not be possible to finish more than one pair during an appointment and later collection or posting may be necessary.

3 Running shoes, Custom Insoles and other footwear are charged separately and not included in the Assessment cost.

4 For a 3D Assessment, you must be able to run at 9km/h (5.6mph), (6:40min/km), (10:44 min/mile) on a treadmill for at least a minute. You will need to run in suitable close-fitted clothing for accurate motion detection. Light coloured clothing should be worn and dark colours avoided.


Profeet’s services are by appointment only, please call or book online in advance

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