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Sidas foam injected ski boot liners

Sidas PU Foam Injected Liners

Foam injected liners provide a precise fit, fully forming to the shape of your foot and lower leg, improving both comfort and performance.


They are an excellent option for those with prominent ankle bones, slim feet and lower legs, or those with unusually shaped feet as the foaming process fills the liner to your foot shape.  The liner begins as an empty shell with just the inner and outer layers.  Two-part PU foam is then injected into the liner filling the space between the foot and ski boot shell. 


This gives a bespoke fit matching your foot. The increase in foothold and the toe construction that can be thinner to a standard liner can help a little with length.

At Profeet we offer two options of foam injected liners depending on the volume of boot, with both featuring foam tongues as standard. (We only offer foam injected liners with a foam tongue as we believe that if you are opting for a full foam injection then the liner should offer a 360-degree custom fit.)

Zipfit liners


Zipfit liners feature panels filled with their OMFit material around the ankles and through the tongue of the liner.  OMFit is a cork and dry-ceramic clay mixture which give first-rate heel and ankle retention due to its non-compressible nature.  The liner is heat moulded in the first instance and continues to mould while you ski.  You can also increase the amount of OMFit material in the liner if a firmer fit is preferred.


Zipfit’s are a great option for those who have struggled with ankle and lower leg retention but need additional forefoot space.  The liners feature; wool lining and a neoprene toe box for warmth and the neoprene toe box can help free up some extra space for your toes.  While not as precise as a foam-injected liner the level of foot retention can be similar.


At Profeet we offer two options of Zipfit liner depending on the required fit.

Intuition Liners

Intuition Liners

Intuition liners are a thermo mouldable liner constructed of a closed-cell EVA foam giving exceptional warmth and comfort and minimal weight.  Once heated the liner full forms to the foot and lower leg.


Intuition liners are a great option for those looking for improved comfort and warmth, those needing extra volume and support around the lower leg.  They are an excellent option for those with larger calves or suffer from shin issues.  Or those looking to maximise space in the shell of their boot.


At Profeet we stock four different models of Intuition liners depending on requirements.


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