Ski Boot Shell Customisation and Modification by Profeet, Fulham, London

At Profeet we use the best specialist boot fitting tools so that we can fix any boot fitting issue that comes our way.

Ski boots shells are made of plastic and are unforgiving. If discomfort is minimal we may be able to just stretch or modify the liner, but often we will have to work on the shell by stretching or grinding it, to customise the boot to match the foot shape.
ski boot stretching

When might we need to stretch or grind a shell?

If you are getting pressure in your boot, you don’t need to suffer, there is a lot that the Profeet team can do to gain you the space you need. Pressure may come from any of the following:


  • Bunions
  • Tailor’s Bunion (6th toe)
  • Wide forefoot
  • Ankle pressure
  • Navicular pressure
  • Heel spurs
  • Any other area of the boot that is creating uncomfortable pressure on your foot
ultracam ski boot stretcher

Shell stretching

At Profeet we believe it’s important to have the best selection of tools available to do the best job. We have expanded our tool set this winter with the installation of a new stretching machine and new grinder.


The Ultracam is the latest addition to our stretching tools for the winter season. It is the ultimate stretching tool for gaining extra width in the forefoot without distorting the whole shell.


It’s ideal for stretching for bunions or any width issue in the forefoot. We can also stretch for extra space around the ankle bones on this machine, creating a larger pocket.

ski boot grinding

Shell Grinding

We’ve also recently invested in a new grinder which allows us to grind the minimal amount of plastic for the most precise fit.


When customising ski race boots we often grind the plastic to gain those vital millimetres as the plastic is so much thicker than regular Alpine boots.


The Foredom grinder is particularly good at carving out a hollow to accommodate painful heel spurs.


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