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At Profeet,  we understand the importance of tennis footwear and how it can impact your performance and comfort.

sports lab fitting service

Our Tennis Lab service can include:


Biomechanical Analysis

Our comprehensive biomechanical analysis is second to none. We start by assessing your foot shape, type and function before using state-of-the-art analysis technology to assess your movement using both foot scanning and video gait analysis equipment and software.


Custom Insoles

Custom insoles are key for support and cushion your feet as you run around the court, holding your feet in their very own custom mould. They also improve the fit of your shoes and help reduce fatigue and blisters.


Insoles are the secret of the Profeet custom fit – they are moulded to suit each individual foot and tailored to precisely fit and work with you boots and shoes for a truly bespoke tennis shoe solution.



Exercise Programmes

Our qualified therapists and trainers will recommend and provide exercises to improve your movement as part of your Sports Assessments.

Running Socks

Technical Socks

Technical socks allow the foot to breathe and encourage moisture to be drawn away from the skin and are proven to reduce the likelihood of blisters. They will also retain their softness and shape after multiple washes.


Our signature analysis, we analyse key movement patterns which enables us to select the best solution we can, using custom insoles, footwear and strength and conditioning advice.

Suitable for everyone. We can help Runners / walkers / hikers / team sports players, ball sports players, those that work on their feet or spend time walking during the day.

Appointments take up to 1 hour and can include:

  • Lower leg functional assessment (static and dynamic)
  • HD video gait analysis – hips, legs and feet
  • Dynamic foot pressure scanning
  • Footwear selection and fitting
  • 100% Custom insoles £124.95**
  • Functional and strength and conditioning exercises
  • Analysis report
  • 18 months analysis validity
  • Profeet Fit Guarantee

Although we do our utmost to make sure you leave Profeet comfortable with your custom insoles and/or new footwear, we understand issues can arise.

Our refit is an appointment which is offered as part of our Profeet Fit Guarantee which enables you to come back into store, have your problem assessed and one of our technicians will come up with the best possible solution to address the issue.

If you are having issues, please call us on 020 7736 0046.

This free of charge service is valid with our Sports Analysis service in the Outdoor Lab.

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