Profeet Ski Boot FAQs, ski boot fitting frequently asked questions

What does an appointment include?
At Profeet we fit ski boots on a one-to-one basis with each appointment lasting up to two hours.

Each appointment consists of:

  • Bio-mechanical analysis
  • Boot selection and modifications if needed
  • Custom insole manufacture
  • Custom ski boot liner i.e. Foam Liner/Zipfit/Intuition. (Optional extra*)
  • Comfort and Performance upgrades. (Optional extra*)
  • Ski Boot Fit Guarantee

Although we strive to complete every appointment within the two-hour time frame it is not always possible and return visits may be needed. *Optional extras are charged at per item price.


What is the Ski Boot Fit Guarantee?
Every Sport and Pro ski boot assessment at Profeet is covered by our Ski Boot Fit Guarantee which can be viewed here.


What is the benefit of a custom insole?
Profeet custom insoles are a multi-layered heat mouldable composite that conforms to your exact foot shape. The addition of the insole in the ski boot brings contact to the whole underside of the foot, stabilising the whole body and giving the optimum foundation for the foot in the boot. The increased contact also distributes pressure, reduces fatigue and improves proprioception resulting in an increase in sensory feedback, comfort and performance.


What is the benefit of a custom ski boot liner?
Custom ski boot liners replace the original liner supplied with your ski boots to offer improvements in both comfort and performance. They fall into three categories.

1. Foam Injected: PU expandable foam is injected under pressure into an empty liner giving a precise fit, improving performance and helping specific fit issues.

2. Zipfit (Zero injection pressure fit system): Has a cork and dry-ceramic clay in panels either side of the ankle and through the tongue. Through initial heating and then skiing the mixture moulds and forms to the foot. Offers an excellent improvement in heel hold and can be transferred between boots.

3. Thermo form (Intuition etc.): Made of heat mouldable EVA, once heated and placed into the shell they cool and form to the foot. Offer increased warmth and comfort. All three option may or may not fully suit your needs. To discuss all options please contact us at


I have a specific problem, can you help? Sore shins, cold feet etc.
Of course, however, every issue is personal and the same problem may have different solutions depending on the individual. Contact our ski team at to discuss any issue.


Is one brand or boot better than another?
No! Each brand offers a different take on foot shape and we are looking to find the boot that best suits your foot. If you have any questions regarding a specific boot, then please feel free to contact us however we will not be able to tell you if it will fit your foot over the phone.


Do you fit ski boot bought elsewhere?
Yes, we do. For boots bought elsewhere we offer appointments of one hour starting at £80. The final price will vary depending on what work is undertaken.


How long do ski boots last?
This completely depends on how often you ski. For a one to two week a year skier we usually say six to eight years.


Why are your insoles so expensive / so cheap?
Profeet custom insoles are generally far cheaper than traditional rigid orthotics but more expensive than the non-custom and more basic custom insoles available through general sports stores.

If you have any questions that are not covered here, then please contact our ski team at


Profeet’s services are by appointment only, please call or book online in advance

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