Mountain Safety online courses - learn to avoid avalanches off piste
mountain safety

We have joined forces with WE Mountain to bring you the ideal way to stay safe whilst you venture into the Off Piste terrain.

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Why is mountain training necessary?

The facts

  • Approximately 200 people die every year in avalanches in the Alps and North America
  • 90% of all avalanches are triggered by the victim or a member of his group
  • One in two avalanche victims dies
  • The number of freeriders and ski tourers is increasing every year
  • Ski touring and off-piste skiing is more accessible than ever
  • Rescue and survival gear is becoming more and more widespread


WE Mountain – More freedom, more fun and more safety!

Freeriding offers an exhilarating experience testing one’s limits while descending thrilling slopes. However, to minimise risks, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of yourself and the surroundings. Preventing accidents is of the utmost of the importance – your fate must be considered before the avalanche – not after.

To ensure that the best skiing days of your life don’t turn into the worst, WE Mountain developed the first international Mountain Safety Programme, that combines E-learning and T-learning (practical courses in the field). You can now learn mountain safety conveniently online at a time to suit you in the comfort of your own home.

Backed by experts and ‘safety angels’

The programme is backed by an international community of more than 100 experts, instructors and FWT champions devoted to making the mountain safer.


  1. Respect for nature and others
  2. Thorough project planning
  3. Mental wellbeing
  4. Physical wellbeing
  5. Equipment checks and maintenance
  6. Understanding the environment
  7. Knowledge of specific terrain features
  8. Additional sources of information
  9. Travelling and communication rules of thumb
  10. Mastery of rescue procedures

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« OFFPISTE » Course

The Start Of Your Mountain Training Journey

Where adventure meets education, guiding riders through the essentials of mountain safety and avalanche prevention.

  • 10 lessons / 120 minutes
  • 1 exam / 1 certificate

  €69     €55



A Mountain Training Revolution For More Safety

Discover our groundbreaking BACKCOUNTRY course – the future of off-piste training. For the new generation of riders seeking next-level experiences, embark on a transformative journey to navigate risks effectively. Gain exclusive access to the game-changing MHF® tool for advanced self-assessment in human factors. Elevate your ride. Define your limits.

  • 12 lessons / 180 minutes
  • 1 exam / 1 certificate

  €99     €79


Let’s make the mountains safer together!



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