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What makes Profeet different to other run specialists?

We look at the depth and detail in Profeet's Signature service

Anatomy of a Profeet Ski Boot Fit

Since its inception in 2001 Profeet has sought to deliver the best possible ski boot fit - for everyone - not just elite skiers and downhill racers.

How can Profeet Custom Insoles help me?

At Profeet we have spent the last 20 years helping people from all walks of life to enjoy their sports and activities more. Our signature custom-made insoles are a key part of our footwear solution.

The Profeet Guide To Ski Touring And Hybrid Boots

Ski touring was once a niche form of skiing and the reserve of a few, willing to sacrifice downhill performance, for the ability to walk/skin uphill for a skiing adventure.

Run your best marathon!

Whatever your plans, this guide will help steer you towards achieving your best performance.

Foot Preparation & Management During Ultra Events

See Profeet's essential footcare 101 for runners!

How to Choose a Running Shoe

How to choose a running shoe online when you can't make it to the Profeet Lab

The Runners’ Guide to Blister Management

Blisters are one of the lesser running injuries yet they can occur easily and cause surprising discomfort that is sometimes debilitating... but they are ultimately avoidable.


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