Run your best marathon! -
Run your best marathon

The TSC London Marathon has been restored to it’s original slot and takes place on 23rd April 2023. But, of course, there are marathons taking place up and down the country and abroad throughout the year Take your pick…

Whatever your plans, this guide will help steer you towards achieving your best performance.

In this article

  1. Prepare yourself physically
  2. Get kitted out
  3. Footwear…but not just footwear
  4. Useful extras
  5. The final approach


1. Prepare yourself physically

Running 26.6 miles is rarely ‘a walk in the park’ for most runners, and most entrants take preparation pretty seriously – as well they should! As the old adage goes,

failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

To ensure that you’re in tip top shape and injury-free as you stand on the start line, you’ll want to steadily build your mileage so that you peak on the day.

You might:

  • Use a training plan – to help structure the weeks as you increase your mileage
  • Join a running club – to find a running buddy to share the journey and perhaps pick up some tips from those who have done it before
  • Get a coach – get guidance from an expert who can provide tailored support throughout the process



2. Get kitted out

Comfort is key. Nothing feels as miserable as running with avoidable discomfort.

We recommend experimenting with different run wear to find the most comfortable options for you. Because the UK weather is unpredictable, it’s a good idea to have figured out your best cool and warm weather preferences. Running tights or shorts? Long sleeves or vest top? Do you need a lightweight, waterproof and breathable jacket? Ladies, a decent bra will save energy and discomfort.

Don’t leave it until the last minute, try to do your trials well in advance.

Top Tip: Your clothing and footwear should feel like old friends, not fresh-out-of -the-box newbies. Never run in new shoes – they need breaking in and failure to do so can lead to blisters and worse.



3. Footwear… but not just footwear!

Are you wearing the right footwear for your feet? We may be biased, but we strongly recommend getting our signature Sport Analysis at the Profeet Lab!


Profeet running analysis

A one-to-one appointment with one of our trained Biomechanists will give you valuable insights into your foot type, running style, strengths and weaknesses.

Your analysis session will lead to the creation of custom insoles, tailor made for each of your feet. These provide, (to the degree appropriate for you):

  • Cushioning
  • Support
  • Stability
  • Guidance
  • Shock absorption
  • Propulsion

Custom insoles improve comfort and foot hold, reducing the risk of rubbing and blisters, or toe nail bruising/loss.

They help to increase performance by creating a more refined interface between your feet and your footwear, more power, more drive.

They help to reduce the risk of injury by supporting your arches and reducing impact forces through the feet and heels, protecting the ankles, knees and hip joints.

The final step in our process is the selection of the right shoe for you. Our technicians will offer a choice of shoes for you to try on and test on our treadmills.

How much does it cost?

At just £219.90 for Sports Analysis & our signature Custom Insoles, plus running shoe selection, our customers whole-heartedly agree that our service is unlike any other and well worth the investment. Plus they come with a money-back Fit Guarantee so you can’t really go wrong!

Custom insoles last up to 3 years and can be taken out and used in different shoes if you wish to swap them between e.g. training shoes and race shoes.

You don’t need to be experiencing problems to appreciate custom insoles, they’re beneficial for everyone.

Our Marathon-specific Analysis + Custom Insoles Service – £219.90 

Our trained Biomechanists analyse your key movement patterns and focus on any issues you have been experiencing in your training – which are often exacerbated over distance. This enables us to hone in on the root causes and create the best solution using custom insoles and selected footwear, and by recommending strength and conditioning exercises.

This service is tailored towards marathon and longer distance runners and addresses issues that are typically experienced by endurance runners.

Duration: Up to 1 hour 

Appointments can include:

  • Lower leg functional assessment (static and dynamic)
  • HD video gait analysis – hips, legs and feet
  • Dynamic foot pressure scanning
  • Profeet signature 100% Custom Insoles
  • Footwear selection and fitting
  • Functional and strength and conditioning exercises
  • Analysis report
  • 12 months analysis validity
  • Profeet Fit Guarantee


Call 020 7736 0046 to book your appointment



4. Useful extras

Don’t underestimate the power of technical socks

All socks are not equal, and most people are converts to technical socks, once tried. Need a bit more cushioning underfoot? Looking for a little extra support in the arch? Want something light, sheer and ergonomic? Look no further:


1001 running tips

1001 running tips from the best

Written by former GB ultrarunner and Profeet ambassador, Robbie Britton, this book is packed full of golden nuggets to keep you on your toes, tweaking up your form and finding those marginal gains – and a few smiles thrown into the bargain. A must have:


Handy tools

We’ve gathered our favourite tools for keeping yourself in good shape on the go. Sharpen up those key areas with a tension band, and rollout your muscles post run with massage ball:




5. The Final approach

In the ‘run up’ to the marathon you should be honing your form, and fine-tuning your approach including:

Tapering – reduce your mileage and exertion in the final few weeks before the event to allow for recovery time. This should be an integral part of your plan.

Nutrition – as with new kit, it’s important to experiment with options to find the best fuelling method to suit you. More on that in our Marathon Ready? Guide.

Hydration – Obviously, alcohol is a no-no in the run up to an event and especially the night before. It will play havoc with your hydration levels and leave you at a disadvantage. But it’s not just about drinking lots of water, read these top tips

Kit Lay – Lay out your kit one week in advance including any shots and gels. This gives you time to consider your weather and fuelling options. Fine tune the requirements the night before after checking the weather forecast. and you’re ready to jump into your kit with confidence on the day.

For more information about getting Marathon Ready, read our article:


All in all, not too onerous or difficult, just a matter of having a workable plan and doing the necessary preparations in advance and thereby setting yourself up for success!

If you choose to get Custom Fitted Footwear at Profeet, we’ll look forward to seeing you in the Lab and sharing more of our top tips and knowledge.

Please call 020 7736 0046 to discuss your needs, or alternatively complete the booking form.


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