Anatomy of a Profeet Ski Boot Fit -
Profeet Ski Boot Fit

Since its inception in 2001 Profeet has sought to deliver the best possible ski boot fit – for everyone – not just elite skiers and downhill racers.

Fact: ski boots are unwieldy!

Let’s face it, it’s rare to get a perfect fit straight out of the box. Unlike everyday shoes, ski boots are made of rigid plastic, so no amount of wearing-in will stretch them, though the liners may bed in somewhat. A poorly selected and unfitted boot is a recipe for discomfort – blisters, shin burn, restricted blood circulation, ice-cold feet and potential misery. If you’ve ever hired boots, you’ll know how hit-and-miss it can be… and you’ll appreciate the luxury of a Profeet custom fitted ski boot.

Luxury or necessity?

In truth, once you’ve owned custom-fit ski boots, you’ll realise that they’re a necessity and not a luxury. In fact, you’ll wonder how you ever skied without them! But if you’ve never experienced this before, here’s what you can expect during your Profeet ski boot fit appointment.

The Anatomy of a Profeet ski boot fit:-

1.  Learning about you
We start with a conversation about your skiing experience, any issues with previous ski boots and what you’re aiming for i.e. the preferred balance of comfort to performance*.

2.  Accurate measurement
We use a Brannock Mondopoint foot measuring device to accurately measure each foot. Ski boots vary in size from manufacturer to manufacturer so accurate size conversion from UK/European to Mondopoint is important.

3. Foot assessment

3.  Foot assessment
We assess your lower legs, range of ankle motion and foot flexibility to understand your biomechanical patterns and note any limitations of movement.

4.  Foot scanning
Our foot pressure plate shows your natural balance and weight distribution when in a skiing stance, and highlights any issues with posture and alignment that we can correct with custom insoles.

5.  Try on without the boot liner for size
Your technician will select several ski boots that meet your criteria, to try. The first will be used to determine front-to-back and side-to-side fit plus room around the foot within the boot. Boots can vary by 1cm in length between sizes, so this will help us to ensure that you’re in the right sized boot for starters, not too big, not too small.

6.  Try on with liner for comfort and feel
Once we’re happy you’re in the right size, we add the liners and buckle you in. You can bend and flex the knees and ankles into skiing stance, and walk around to get a good feel for the foot hold and comfort or stiffness of the boots.

7.  Try several pairs for contrast
We’ll offer several models of boots for you to try within your criteria, so that you can note the difference between them and sense the best fit for you. Usually, one choice will stand out above the others, but this part relies upon you and the feedback you provide, as we can’t physically stand in your shoes!

Custom Insole fitting

8.  Custom insole creation
When you’ve settled on your ideal fit, we then look at refining the fit to improve your stance within the boots. A vacuum mould is taken of each foot and heated insoles expertly applied by your technician to create custom footbeds to suit each foot. These provide the ideal foothold within your boots, subject to your foot shape and observations noted from your foot assessment.

9.  Custom insole fitting
Your finished insoles are inserted into your boot liners in place of the basic manufacturer insole, and you’ll again be invited to put them on. The feet are bedded firmly into place and then the boots buckled and adjusted to the optimum fit for you, gauged through your feedback.

10. Boot customisation and stretching

10.  Boot customisation and stretching
So now you have the right size, the right model of ski boot, insoles shaped to your unique foot shapes and designed to provide the ideal foothold, and the correct buckle set up. The next stage is to look at any tightness or constriction in the shell caused by, for example, bunions or ankle spurs.

These can be rectified by heating, stretching, or blowing and shaping the boot, to accommodate the nuances of your feet, ankles and legs. Again, this is based on feedback on how you feel when wearing the boots. At each stage you should feel a sense of resolve as each area of customisation is addressed until your ski boots fit like a glove!

Ski boot fitting

11.  Final try-on
Once the customisation process is complete – bearing in mind that not everyone needs much boot stretching – you should find that you have a personalised fit that provides the balance of comfort v performance that you are looking for…

*Striking the right comfort to performance ratio

It’s worth noting that increased performance is provided by a firm fit and foothold within the boot, which transmits more accurate power to the ski. This comes at the cost of comfort – the more comfortable the boot the softer it tends to be, the result being a reduction in precision. Where you sit on the scale depends on how you like to ski, so we’ll discuss your comfort to performance ratio with you.

Profeet’s technicians are best in class

Our ski boot fitting technicians are all committed skiers with hands-on training and personal experience. Over the years we have honed our techniques through seeking expert knowledge and thorough testing in the field by our team, downhill racers, BASI instructors and of course, Profeet customers. This information feeds back into our process, our training and buying choices.

Fit Guarantee

For your peace of mind, we provide a Fit Guarantee. The only way to truly road-test your boots is to ski in them. You could try a local dry slope or indoor snow slope, but should you discover any niggles during your holiday, you can arrange a follow up appointment on your return, for a fine tune.

The legendary Profeet Custom Boot Fit in a nutshell

As you can see it is a detailed and thorough method that combines a well-defined, tried and tested process, with the experience and training of our technicians. It’s not surprising that we’re known for being the place to go for the best Ski Boot Fit… and we’re proud of it!

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