The Profeet difference – we take your running seriously
The Profeet difference

In the competitive world of specialist running stores, Profeet stands out as a beacon of excellence, providing a level of service and expertise that is unmatched.

What sets Profeet apart is their dedication to improving running performance through comprehensive running assessments, custom fittings, 3D motion analysis options, and personalised advice from qualified technicians. This ensures that every runner, from novice to elite, receives the ultimate service for optimum performance and comfort.


Profeet Signature Custom Fitting Assessments

Choosing the right running shoes is about more than just fit and comfort; it’s about ensuring the shoes complement your running style and support your feet in the best possible way.

In most running stores, a gait analysis typically involves a basic evaluation on a treadmill, focusing mainly on foot strike patterns. But this lacks the detail, precision and outcome of the professional assessment that you will experience at Profeet.

Profeet’s Signature Custom Fitting Assessment includes a video gait analysis of the hips, legs, feet and upper body, so your running movement can be fully analysed. Also included is a lower leg functional test and dynamic foot pressure scanning, crucial for identifying any underlying issues. Based on the insights gained from your running assessment, Profeet’s run technicians can then recommend shoes that are perfectly suited to your individual needs.

Profeet’s Signature Custom Fitting Assessment

Profeet’s Signature Custom Fitting Assessment

…the best possible fit and function

Then, we go a step further with custom insoles fitted inside the shoes to ensure the best possible fit and function. Your technician can also recommend specific strength and conditioning exercises and ways to improve your overall running mechanics.


The Profeet 3D Running Assessment

For runners who are looking to develop their technique and improve their running economy, an even more in-depth ‘3D’ running assessment is available. This offers runners the opportunity to further explore key running metrics information that one might expect was only possible from spending a day in a fully equipped biomechanics lab (we can carry out these assessments in under an hour!)

Profeet’s 3D Running Assessment dives even deeper into understanding each runner’s unique biomechanics. Utilising cutting-edge technology, the 3D Motion Lab provides a detailed analysis of running technique, capturing key metrics such as stride length, symmetry, joint loading and foot strike pattern. This elevates Profeet’s running service to a level that other stores simply cannot match, making us the go-to destination for serious runners.

The Profeet 3D Running Assessment
The Profeet 3D Running Assessment
The Profeet 3D Running Assessment
The Profeet 3D Running Assessment

Qualified technicians guide each runner through the assessment, using the data to pinpoint areas for improvement and potential injury risks. This meticulous approach allows for a tailored strategy to enhance running economy, fine-tune technique, and ultimately boost performance. This service can be carried out as a standalone assessment or can be added to the Signature Custom Fitting Assessment.


More than a run store – a friendly community

Profeet’s dedication to running excellence has earned them the endorsement of numerous running ambassadors who perform on the world stage. These elite athletes trust Profeet’s expertise to keep them at the top of their game, and their support is a testament to the quality of service Profeet provides.

From ultra runners and marathoners to triathletes, who are at the top of their game, these ambassadors have experienced firsthand the benefits of Profeet’s comprehensive assessments and custom fittings. Their success stories highlight the impact that Profeet can have on improving running performance and maintaining peak physical condition.

Profeet Ambassadors

We guarantee you’ll feel the difference

In the world of running, every detail matters. The difference between a good run and a great run often comes down to the smallest adjustments. Profeet understands this better than anyone, offering a service that is tailored to meet the unique needs of each runner.

We are confident that runners will leave feeling very satisfied with their new footwear and fitted insoles, but just in case any issues do arise, we offer a Fit Guarantee with a free follow up appointment.

Get in touch to schedule an appointment at our Run Lab in London and experience the ultimate in running performance and comfort. Join the community of elite athletes and dedicated runners who trust Profeet to help them achieve their goals.

With Profeet, you’re not just getting a pair of shoes; you’re investing in a better running future.


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