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Profeet Custom Insoles

At Profeet we have spent the last 20 years helping people from all walks of life to enjoy their sports and activities more. Our signature custom-made insoles are a key part of our footwear solution creating a multi-functional, bespoke interface between your feet and your running shoes, sports shoes, ski boots – or even everyday shoes.

You’ll feel the difference

Most people are surprised to learn the role of custom footbeds and how they contribute to improving the connection between your footwear and feet. Moulded to your exact foot shape, (bearing in mind that each of your feet is different), and made up of different structural layers relevant to the end-use or sport, custom insoles create the ideal foundations for your feet.

Profeet custom insoles provide:

  1. Support
  2. Stability
  3. Cushioning
  4. Shock absorption
  5. Guidance
  6. Propulsion
Profeet custom insoles

Which translates into…

  • Increased comfort
    Better fit and a more positive foothold within the shoe equals less friction and fewer blisters. You can forget about your feet and concentrate on your sport.
  • Improved performance
    Shock absorption and cushioning coupled with enhanced guidance through the foot from heel-strike to toe-off promotes better stance and gait. Easier on your ankles, knees and hips and with improved biomechanical alignment, custom insoles put you in the optimum position to up your game.
  • Injury prevention or rehabilitation support
    Custom insoles reduce the load on your feet and the stresses on the body that can be linked to many well-known running issues. They can help to both prevent injury and reduce rehabilitation recovery time.

New to running?

If you’ve just started running and have come up against the typical issues experienced when exploring a new sport, biomechanical analysis gives key insights into your movement patterns. By understanding your running gait, we can offer advice on how you can run better, craft custom insoles to create the right foundations for your feet, and specify the shoe most appropriate for you. See our Run Lab page for more info.

Frequent runner?

If you’re a competent and regular runner and have perhaps participated in a race scenario such as a 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon or Ultra, then you’ll very likely already be aware of any annoying niggles, reoccurring injuries and what basically holds you back.

Profeet custom insoles create a personalised footwear solution to work with your style, your gait and your feet.

You might also want to consider the 3D Pro Analysis service to get a detailed profile of your performance via marker-less tracking. This kind of information can be a game-changer to help take your running to the next level and keep you in good form on the road or trail, for many years to come. See 3D Motion Lab for more info.

Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely!

Whilst you can buy off-the-peg insoles and potentially gain some benefits from them e.g. they are often better than the standard manufacturers’ insoles included in the shoe, some provide little more than extra cushioning. But they can be a useful quick or short-term fix.

On the other hand, a rigid podiatric orthotic is designed to provide a solution for a particular medically orientated issue.

Insoles types

Off the peg insoles

Off-the-peg insoles
£30 – £85

hard insoles

Hard podiatric Insoles
£300 – £600

profeet custom insole

Profeet custom insoles

Profeet’s Signature Custom Insoles are moulded to your foot shape, have multiple layers and multiple benefits, are more flexible so work with your sport and range of motion – and are great value for money too. Plus, they come with a Fit Guarantee for your total peace of mind.

Profeet Insoles

Profeet custom insoles are suitable for all – from beginner to athlete

Our service and solutions are appreciated by Team GB athletes, downhill ski racers, and endurance runners just as much as everyday gym goers, weekend runners, family skiers and sports lovers in general!

To find out how they can help you call 020 7736 0046 to discuss your needs and book your one-to-one appointment with one of our qualified Profeet technicians

Custom insoles for other activities

A custom insole is a vital part of our custom ski-boot fitting process. Ski boots are rigid and designed to be inflexible by nature in order to support the feet and lower legs and transmit forces efficiently to your skies. Custom insoles, moulded to your exact foot shape enhance fit, provide cushioning to improve circulation and hold your foot within the shell for optimum all-day comfort. (See ski insoles)

Walking & Hiking?
Walking, trekking or hiking is a big pastime in the UK (and abroad), but if you’re starting out or extending your range, you’ll appreciate the comfort and stability of a custom fitted walking shoe or boot. Since you’ll be on your feet for extended periods, the right footwear and how it fits is essential to your enjoyment and wellbeing. Our custom insoles help to prevent blisters, provide cushioning and support in the right places and help to conserve energy so you can go the distance. (See our outdoor lab)

Tennis and Ball Sports?
Our ball sport specific insoles work to both stabilise the foot and provide a solid platform during the racquet swing while guiding and protecting the foot during backwards and forwards running. (See sport specific insoles)

Football and rugby?
Designed to integrate with the lower and slimmer profile of cleated/studded sports footwear without sacrificing support, they assists the body by stabilising the foot during the high force, multi-directional movements required in these sports. (See sport specific insoles)

Fundamentally a static sport, gait/movement analysis will still highlight any issues with stability and balance. Moulded to your precise foot shape, Profeet Custom Insoles then provide the feet and lower body with solid, support in the right places. (Find out more)

Everyday footwear?
We can also create insoles for your everyday shoes. If you’re a commuter and walk parts of your daily journey to work, or if you’re in a profession where you’re on your feet all day, you can benefit from the extra cushioning and support our insoles provide. Find out more


Thousands of people have already benefitted from Profeet’s Custom Insole technology!


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