Adidas Supernova Rise and Solution -
Adidas Supernova Rise and Solution

In shoe retail, especially sport-specific, there is nothing better than a brand being able to tell a story though its shoes; who’s it for, what’s it for, how does it compare to this or that model?

Other brands such as Brooks have perfected it over the years with the Ghost and Adrenaline, the brother-sister, neutral-support shoe. This makes it easier for the consumer to know what the shoe is for and why, without being lost down a rabbit hole of endless options. Adidas has now achieved this with the new Supernova range.

The Adidas Supernova Range

In previous years it was attempted through the Solar range, though this was a hit and a miss with the comfort and fit not meeting many people’s expectations. Recent studies have found 1,300 runners prioritising comfort in shoe selection. So, Adidas have reimagined and redesigned a new Supernova range, with the Rise and Solution the first models for everyday runners who tend to enjoy a 5km here and maybe a 10km there.


When a run technician applies the word ‘comfort’ to a shoe, we are more-or-less referring to the ‘ride’ of a shoe; how efficient you are when running? Has your running economy benefitted? Can you run distraction-free etc. By enabling comfort, the runner can enjoy their run whilst being well-supported to suit their biomechanical needs.

Inspired by the Lightstrike Pro found in the record-breaking Adizero range, Adidas has designed a new midsole called Dreamstrike +, a foam with an updated formula unlocking a new range of comfort. This provides runners with a tailored fit to feel like the shoe was made for them.

Adidas Supernova Rise


  1. Taking a leaf out of the Adizero range which features the Energy Rod System for stability, the Rise and Solution are complemented by a Support Rod System. Inspired by the foot’s physiology, this new technology is embedded into the outsole to offer support and a smooth transition during each stride. With both technological improvements working in tandem to one another, the outcome is a shoe that offers a comfortable yet supported running experience.
  2. Rounding off with the new Adiwear outsole, replacing the usual Continental, to offer the perfect grip on any surface so the comfort is delivered across all surfaces.
  3. To complete the package, the foot is locked down by an engineered meshed upper to feel locked-in the moment you step into the shoe to 10, 15, 30 etc. kilometres later.
Adidas Supernova

But how do the Rise and Solution differ to one another?

Read below to identify what makes one more supportive.

The Adidas Rise

The ‘Daily Driver’ – designed for those more neutral runners, automatically locks you into comfort with the Dreamstrike + foam, the Support Rod System offers neutral support to tune in and complements it with sufficient stability to provide a smooth transition off each stride.

  • Weight: 278g M 234g F
  • Heel-toe stack: 10mm – 36-26
  • Distance: 1-42km
Adidas Supernova Rise - review

The Adidas Solution

The ‘Stable Daily Driver’ – constructed with the same Dreamstrike + foam but completed with Stability Rod system, made up of dual density EVA and mechanically engineered to guide you into a more stable and reliable transition day-to-day.

  • Weight: 292g M 243g F
  • Heel-toe stack: 10mm – 36-26
  • Distance: 1-42km
Adidas Supernova Solution - Review

Notes from Profeet Technician, Polly:

Before Christmas, Adidas hosted an event for one day at Lee Valley Athletics Centre bringing together a number of specialist running shoe retailers from around the UK to test out the new range. I was fortunate enough to be invited to represent Profeet and to met other running specialist.

We discussed a common problem running shoe specialists have faced in the past year; the access to running-specific shoes for the whole population. While this is a great access strategy, it does mean shoes designed for specific circumstances have been misused in the past. This results in the shoe losing its purpose and runners experiencing possible issues i.e. injury and spending money on a product they cannot fully use. Adidas have worked on dedicated a shoe for runners to prevent this issue making running more accessible for everyone.

Fit and Function

In terms of the fit and function of the shoe, I have tested this shoe on multiple surfaces and conditions. Keeping my speedier Boston 12’s for the faster training sessions, I used the Supernova Rise as my recover/slower paced runs. Testing in dry and wet conditions, on track, light trail, road and the river tow path it is safe to say the new Adiwear sole lives up to its expectations.

The road and track felt like how a standard shoe should, though on trail you are exposed to a few more elements and multiple surfaces. I was hesitant at first with some wet, wooden bridge-ways but quickly gained trust and the promised ‘distraction free running’ was achieved. Like most Adidas shoes, the fit is for a narrow-standard, low-volume foot with only a few wide options available.

“…distraction free running’ was achieved!”

Aside from running, I also used the shoe every day to accompany me on my 8km round trip walk to work each day and, 3 months later, the sole looks just as good as it did on the day I got it, with the mesh still holding its shape yet accommodating to my foot at the same time.

This is a shoe I would recommend to those who want a shoe to help kick start their running journey, easing them in with something that doesn’t demand too much from them but instead gives back what you give to the shoe. Priced at a decent £130 with plenty of colourful options to suite everyone’s needs (oh, and a GORTEX version!), this shoe is sure to become a competitive one to beat on the market.


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