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What makes Profeet different to other run specialists?

We look at the depth and detail in Profeet's Signature service

Enhance Your Tennis Game with Custom Insoles

The power of customised footwear for tennis players

Natalie Lawrence talks triathlon, custom insoles and next goals

Profeet ambassador, Natalie Lawrence, is a British Triathlon coach and elite GBR triathlete, who has found her groove competing in half-Ironman distance events.

Ski boot fitting – especially for women

Comfort, performance, or both... get a Profeet fit specifically for women

Should we really be wary of the ‘dread-mill’?

A recent study found ‘no difference’ between indoor and outdoor running - but do we agree?

The Key Elements of a Ski Boot Fitting

New technologies are constantly making improvements to ski boot comfort, performance and control. It could be time to consider new ski boots to benefit from the latest innovations in ski tech!

Anatomy of a Profeet Ski Boot Fit

Since its inception in 2001 Profeet has sought to deliver the best possible ski boot fit - for everyone - not just elite skiers and downhill racers.

Tackling football injuries, feet first!

Improve your football boot comfort with our custom insoles

Kicking rugby injuries into touch!

A rugby player’s footwear is a critical component of injury prevention, as well as performance.

On your feet all day? Are you suffering?

Say goodbye to blisters, sore feet, knees, hips and lower back pain

Runners: what’s holding you back?

We look at the common issues preventing you from making progress with your running

How can Profeet Custom Insoles help me?

At Profeet we have spent the last 20 years helping people from all walks of life to enjoy their sports and activities more. Our signature custom-made insoles are a key part of our footwear solution.


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