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Post Marathon Tips

There is a lot of talk of prep before your race; what to wear, what to eat, training programmes etc. But do you know what to do once it’s over?

Adidas Supernova Rise and Solution

In shoe retail, especially sport-specific, there is nothing better than a brand being able to tell a story though its shoes; who’s it for, what’s it for, how does it compare to this or that model?

Overcoming marathon motivation meltdown

Profeet Ambassador, Natalie Lawrence, gives her tips for pushing through when the going gets tough.

The New Balance FuelCell SuperComp (SC) Elite V4

The FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4 has arrived and its on a mission; to get you to that finish line faster.

The Threshold Trail Series

At Profeet, we’re big fans of the outdoors and we love a challenge, that’s why we’ve partnered up again with the Threshold Trail Series for 2024.

A marathon on snow!

Iain Martin tries the Les Lumières de la Muzelle

Endure 24 – Enter a team!

Your chance to WIN a team entry for Endure 24, Reading 

Endurance Sport fitness programme

Working in conjunction with Extreme Sports Performance we are pleased to offer this online coaching programme designed to improve your performance in endurance sports.

Are you ready for winter running?

Our handy guide to preparing for running in the winter months

How to set 2024 running goals

Profeet ambassador and run coach, Andy Brodziak, gives his expert advice for runners of all abilities

Dynamic Yoga for Runners and Skiers

...a progression of powerful moves incorporating a range of stretches and twists that work deep into the hips and core, strengthening and stretching out hard to reach muscles!

Should we really be wary of the ‘dread-mill’?

A recent study found ‘no difference’ between indoor and outdoor running - but do we agree?


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